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Let’s be honest: sorting through the ICF certification requirements, not to mention meeting them, can be incredibly challenging & confusing.

You may feel overwhelmed preparing for the exam or anxious about passing it.

It’s been an invisible weight on your shoulders, and you’re tired of putting it off.

You just want it done so you can build credibility with clients & ultimately stand out as a coach in your industry!

This is exactly why I created this free guided training series -These 3 videos include helpful emails so you can thrive – not simply survive – as you work your way through acquiring your credential – without frustration, difficulty, or confusion.

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Hi, I’m Edmée, ICF certified coach & mentor. I work with coaches who are ready to use their ICF Certification to confidently step into their space in the coaching industry!

As the owner of aNDE Leadership Solutions on Demand, I believe going beyond the models we learn in coach training is important.

But, first we need to know the rules so we can intentionally use them & break them when we need to.

If you’re ready to go beyond knowing the models & frameworks so you can use them in effective, authentic ways with future clients, let’s get your ICF Certification complete – with this 3-part video training series!

More self-confidence and excellent preparation for the Certification exam

“Edmée has been a wonderful mentor coach. She has the ability to distill a complex discussion and bring out the key highlights in a simple yet effective way. Working with Edmeé has made me more confident as a coach and I have learnt so much from her on coaching skills. She has always been available to consult, help and she really genuinely wants to see her mentor coachees succeed. She will give you honest but helpful feedback. She has a deep understanding of diverse cultures that makes the discussions very rich. I am glad I have had Edmée as my cheerleader, teacher and friend as I work on applying for my ACC credentialing. If you are looking to work with a mentor coach, Edmée is the right person to talk to.”

Thrity Mbuthia