How well do you know the ICF Coach Core Competencies?

ICF core competencies is a topic within coach training that raises a lot of questions. And very rightfully so! The core competencies work in a very precise way to deliver great results. Understanding the process of how competencies work is pivotal to the essence of this noble profession.
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Complementary Mentor Coach Session

(Valid for 0.5 CCE)

Because I believe in the value of mentor coaching for coaches seeking an ICF certification  or additional learning, and want to go deeper in their understanding and mastering of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, for a limited time I am offering complimentary 30 minutes Mentor Coaching Session, so that you can experience the benefits of mentor coaching. After the session you will receive a 0.5 CCE which you can use towards certification or renewal. 
Disclaimer: this quizz was specially designed by Edmée Schalkx PCC, based on her experience as a certified mentor coach. This quizz is not an official ICF knowledge test.