Edmée Schalkx

The only constant I’ve learned from coaching for 20+ years is that learning never ends!

When I first completed my coach training, I thought I’d focused on all the right things & had everything I needed: the models, the approaches, the core competencies, etc.

But I quickly realized coaching schools don’t tell us everything! How could they? There’s so much for us to learn as coaches.

That’s why I’ve spent the last 20 years honing my expertise, revisiting my core competencies, & examining my blind spots. Yes, even well-established, highly trained coaches have them!

But because no one tells you this, many coaches struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

You’re not supposed to be perfect, especially as a new coach.  And you don’t have to figure it out alone!

A client recently put it better than I could: She’d been struggling with her confidence during our mentoring sessions, and on our last day, she had a huge a-ha!
She said,

“I get it! This whole process is like a big puzzle! You start putting out the pieces you find & it looks like nothing. Then suddenly the whole picture is in front of you. And you know better how to be the coach for your client.”

This is exactly why my work as a coach & mentor fulfills me so deeply. It’s vital that we, as coaches, continue to discover & achieve beyond our own expectations… not only to benefit our clients – but also ourselves.

During a mentor coaching session, I mentioned that “I work with the person in front of the job, not the person behind the job.” In other words – I work with people, not problems.

His reaction was shock because in his experience, coaches are expert at uncovering a problem, attacking it, and solving it.

But my approach is holistic and strategic, focused on the whole person & designed for long-term results.

In my mentor coaching program, I partner with each mentee coach to teach you how to look beyond your clients’ current problems and be present – so you can look beyond the models you’ve been taught – and deeply apply the competencies – going far beyond the process of “doing coaching”.

You’ll learn how to support your clients in a much deeper way, becoming a better coach right from the beginning – and get your certification so you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace and confidently move forward in your coaching career.

If you’re ready for a safe space to grow as a coach, achieve your core competencies, and use your coaching tools with ease, I’d love to meet with you.

As past Chair of ICF’s certification & accreditation, I deeply understand their process & am impressed by the quality of the coaches & exams.

I’m here as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & Certified Mentor Coach to help you prepare for your ICF certifications…

Some other facts:

Dutch – born in Venezuela

Speak Spanish, English, Dutch

Struggle in Italian and French

Lived in about 10 different countries

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